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Tridosha's glorious salt & pepper blends, from Byron Bay, come in cute stainless steel canisters. Try Indian Summer with BBQ's, or Native Spice, a tantalizing blend of lemon myrtle, native mint, & macadamia nuts. Citrus Siam, great with asian food, is bristling with cracked peppercorns, lemon grass, coriander, sesame seeds & kaffir lime leaves. Chilli Bayou was created for meats & stir fries, but is cheeky on chips. Mediterano, with basil & sun dried tomato, is an ideal partner to pasta, fish, salad & eggs.


Created from a blend of Australian sea salt & selected herbs & spices, Tridosha's five new Salt of the Sea gourmet seasonings are more than worth their salt. Whip up an explosion of exotic flavours with Chilli Bayou, Native Spice, Citrus Siam, Mediterano and Indian Summer.


A house, they say in parts of Europe, should never run out of salt or bread. But you can bet they never envisaged salt blends like this. The people at Tridosha use Australian sea salt intelligently flavoured with herbs & spices. Get jazzy with Chilli Bayou, a cajun accented blend with black pepper, black mustard seeds & chilli. Then there's Citrus Siam, with the fragrance of kaffir lime leaf, the bite of green peppercorns, & the richness of sesame seeds. Mediterano warms with sun dried tomato & basil, while the Indian Summer blend lingers with bay leaf, pink peppercorns & cumin. The 150g packs are available in plain packaging, gift boxes, & refillable stainless steel canisters.


Delicious presented a page on gourmet salts, and featured Tridosha's Salt of the Sea.


Spirit, the in flight magazine for Qantas' Japanese sector, ran an article on Tridosha's Salt of the Sea.

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